Angry Facts and Figures

Job 40.9
God says to Job (who got fed up and asked "why?") Hast thou an arm like God? or canst thou thunder with a voice like him? Job, of course, doesn't and can't and confesses his lack of understanding. I, David Lee Beowulf, understand plenty, and if I had an arm like God I would smite, boy would I smite... But I don't, so I can't and that's that.

Psalm 90:11
Moses prays, Who knoweth the power of thine [i.e., God's] anger? even according to thy fear, so is thy wrath. You think I'm angry?

The Axe and Helmet
Back in early 1994 I started a Xeroxed fanzine called "The Axe and Helmet" which I mailed to all my pals in Florida. My purpose behind the A&H was to maintain a detailed correspondence with everyone; sort of like being able to experience me at a party... The whole run lasted a year and two months. It is my intention to begin publishing it again, but this time on the Web, which will save me plenty in expenses and effort. I mean, really, how hard is it to make copies?! You go to these "speedy" copy centers and expect that the clerks know what they're doing. Heck, a corpse can make a copy! First they can't do the job when you need it, come back in four hours. OK, so I dropped off the job at lunch. After work I find they haven't done it, or they destroyed my originals. Arrgh! Etc. Fume, rant, rave. (THAT is what the A&H was like.)

I'm planning on putting together a few "tribute" pages. I'm thinking about doing tributes to Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, and Black Sabbath right now.

I am obsessed with listing the exact date of a particular event. If someone says, "Dave, GWAR are playing next Wednesday," I'll write down that GWAR are playing at X_venue on dd-mmm-yyyy. That, and I use military time. It's strange that I have to be so exact all the time. Strange? Yeah, it's strange, especially since I never keep calendars around me and always have to ask what day it is.

Typos and Spelling Errors
Hopefully there arenÕt any. Since IÕm not perfect, though, please forgive me and let me know via Angry E-mail I will be most obliged.

Web Authoring and General Presentation
I learned HTML by completing in 4 days a huge book you're supposed to finish in 14 days. I left my house three times between 27 December 1997 and 3 January 1998 while honing my Web authoring skills. I figured if I didn't take off from work and lock myself in my room, forcing me to learn, I'd not get another chance until sometime in June when I might take another vacation. This is my first Web presentation and if you have any pointers (please, look at the source code) I'd really like to hear from you through an Angry E-mail. I'm especially interested in what background color you're seeing. It's supposed to be "LIGHTSTEELGRAY." I'm working on a more appropriate background, though.


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