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Lord Ba'alhazor on 21 Jan 98 says:
Your ignorance angers me. Like a boiling pit of forgotten souls each burning in misery my wrath rise and vomit itself onto your timid mass. Behold your Master! Grovel for forgiveness before me pinworm of nothingness, for I control your fate, your pain, and your demise on the coming Walburgis. Your mind will melt from fear of me as I carry your vagus before me!

Fascinating, Lord B. I've always seen "Walpurgis" spelled with a "p," never a "b."

Kimgerly on 18 Jan 98 says:
All people are evil. Angry Visitor #66. Send Hatemail to

I certainly would concur, Kimgerly.

Eric the meek and humble on 12 Jan 98 says:
Pleez don't breathe fire on me, angry young man, or I might shrivel in the quake of your fury! (or quake in the fury of your drivel?) (or quack in the curry of your flake?) (or ...

Seems you need to manage your information, Eric.

Didi on 5 Jan 98 says:
way ta go dave.

Somebody's doing some monitoring work...

Anson Williams on 5 Jan 98 says:
I just sang a few Christmas Carols with some guys from Accept two weeks ago. Why don't they record anymore?

Anson, I have no idea.

Kip Winger on 5 Jan 98 says:
Whomever Said "Pussy Heavy Metal" is Dead is wrong!!
For I am Kip Winger from Winger and we Rock!!!

Kip, welcome back from the hair farm, I thought you were dead.

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