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Field Notes

The Angry Viking Productions Web Presentation was developed with the help of Laura Lemay's Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in 14 Days - Professional Reference. I used a Macintosh Performa 550 computer, running at 68030 at 33MHz (It works fine, thank you, I don't have the "resources" to upgrade yet). I used Apple's SimpleText to write most of the .html files. I used WordPerfect 3.5 (WP was owned by Novell at the time of my purchase) for the Mac to develop the more complex pages, e.g., those with tables and those too big for Simple Text to handle. I used WP's "Save to HTML" utility for converting my Starship Troopers essay to HTML (which went pretty smoothly, except that I had to cut and paste the body text and footnotes into separate documents, which were converted to HTML and tagged/anchored by hand.)

All graphics were created on Claris Works 2.0 for the Mac (yes, Version 2!) and converted to .GIF format using Kevin A. Mitchell's excellent GIFConverter ver. 2.3.5 Copyright © 1988-1993 Kevin A. Mitchell. I used Mike Allard's De Nada Industries' "Viking" font on all the logo graphics, © Mike Allard for De Nada Industries. The logo background is from a "metal" texture © 1995 by Emmanuel D. Tsouris. These products are shareware and locatable on the web, a commercial on-line service or might be distributed with commercial software packages. It is the policy of Angry Viking Productions to not post e-mail addresses unless specifically requested to do so (the software is easy to find, hey, I found it!).

I tested the presentation on two browsers available to me. I used the frames-compatible MS Internet Explorer ver. 2 and AOL's Browser. ver 1.1. I don't own a PowerPC, so this is what I had to go with. Internet Explorer ran very slow, but certainly worked. The AOL browser worked at blazing speed (seriously, very fast).

I have written computer programs in FORTRAN, C, BASIC, and Pascal. I am familiar with Unix and VAX/VMS (remember those?), DOS and Windows (3.x, 95 and NT) and I seem to have good aptitude for mastering commercial engineering and business software (I work as a civil engineer when I'm not doing "fun" things like building web presentations). I've also put together a few HyperCard games that I'd like to make available through this site in the future. I have programmed extensively in HyperCard's HyperScript scripting language and found that writing HTML code was a snap, although I don't consider myself by any means more than a novice. I have a few books on Java and look forward to finding out what it can do...

Recently (since 10 Jan 98), I've checked out a few HTML editors and I can say I really don't like the lack of control they seem to have. That is, they seem to think too much for me. I did find one I really liked, though, and it was developed by a Swede! Check out Niklas Frykolm'szBeng! World Wide Web Services of Melbourne, FL.

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